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Ego-boost, then she-go boost, then weallgo-boost!

Some days give you a boost, some days grind you into dust.

Why is the copy machine broken again? Why is there so much yelling? Why must all the deadlines be at the same time??

Today was the boost sort of day. Yes work was work and coffee is only so good at keeping me afloat in my sea of paperwork. It was lunch that pushed the day into the happy-grin-like-a-loon day.  I had lunch with K2. We talked a lot of shop, but K2 also dropped some gigantic compliments.

Basically we decided earlier in the week to have lunch away from our desks as the weather is fine and we’re sick of staring out our dam desks all day. So we went to a little bijou restaurant down the boulevard. We were eating happily when she suddenly blurted out “You’re doing so much better than any of us hoped, I mean you’re replacing two people and you manage to do all their work more promptly and more happily than either of them. The DG was telling me how nice it is to have someone who lives up to their CV”.

"Hi-ho, Kermit the frog here lying on your CV is tantamount to telling Fozzy his jokes are good!" (You just read it in his voice, muahaha)

Now much as I like praise I assumed this would be followed by ” But we’re firing you anyway”. Luckily enough she just continued to tell me how nice it is to have someone who is an all-rounder, and easy-to-talk to co-worker.

Now I like my job, I know I whinge but the fact is I am one of life’s natural complainers, it is my default, factory setting, I can’t help that. However, the fact that the  job I enjoy is enjoying me, really encouraging…

I’ll just float away on my cloud of beer and happiness now.

I said BEER and happiness not BEAR!!


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