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Dedicated to Sita and Gigantor

Yet again I must make amends for my absence, I wish I had a recondite reason, but alas alack, I just had to get shiz done at work.

So Last Thursday I had a mega-conference, more peeps’n we’ve had at any previous conference since I have been working here (6 months on Friday!) and it all went off without a hitch, which is great because I was freaking out, of course externally I was gliding through problems like a hot knife through butter, but on the inside I was having endless heart palpitations and minor cardiac infarctions. It went well and now I am writing the tedious minutes of the keynote speakers, as well as helping a colleague write minutes for some high fallutin’ Special Investigation he and some other Heads of companies are undertaking. The minutes for him are hilarious as he has realized in reviewing my minutes. Basically he is working on some highly technical engineering contraptions. From that sentence I feel my PolSci background breaks through, basically my own conference minutes are a gleaming beacon of politics and trade. My colleagues look like a phonetic copy of what is being said. Case in point: ‘Machinery directive protocols for civil engineering int he time frame of…’ would become ‘mash in eerie dur hecktic proto calls 4 civil engine earring’.

Also I was in every one of these positions as my earphones are too short to reach the computer so the transcript was a testimony to my flexibility (literally, not figuratively)

Anyhow to the BIG NEWS:

Finally, I get to break some good news to you (my 2 loyal readers featured in the title, both of whom will feature in this post)! So Sita is moving to town, which means I will finally have a friend in this grey, god-forsaken, gargantuan pit of decadence, disdain and debauchery.

Only there’s a hitch, or at least there is until there won’t be. See I’m going away over the weekend to see my other loyal reader, and some buddies, and my Dad. I leave Friday (running out of work early, although my boss doesn’t know that yet), and taking Monday off, which my boss has probably forgotten about by now as I last mentioned it about a month ago. In any case I will be armed with my phone and any serious emergencies can be dealt with by me, from 840miles or so away.

Sita is moving to Brussels and is going to crash at my place while we find her an apartment, only…. She arrives while I’m away.

"Where the hell is my ride, and why am I in a laundr-o-mat?"

Now this is kind of a non-issue. It means I need to clean up slightly more than I thought I would have to, and impress the concept upon my brother that under no circumstances can towel day happen while Sita is around (there are some things that should not be inflicted on people).

BUT I wish to talk about the confluence of events here. For months (nearly 6 of them) I have bitched about the lack of society and camaraderie that I have so missed, and within the space of one weekend I will see pretty much everyone I know in fast succession.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side- pretty much my rule to live by

Now I’m not one for esotericism, and hokey religions but even I am suspicious about this convergence of people on one point in March. Screw Lin-sanity, March madness is here, and it will come in the form of my favorite people 😀


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2 responses to “Dedicated to Sita and Gigantor

  1. Sita


    Also, Murphy is a bitch. It took me moving to Paris to get a job I applied for yonks ago in Brussels. I’m not complaining cuz I got to see more of my friends and people I like or liked in 10 days in Paris than in 1 year in the South, but I am complaining cuz now I won’t get to spend another 6 weeks here, seeing them and enjoying Paris!
    Although, on the double flip side again, not complaining cuz I get to see you! (and get my beloved t-shirt back, oh how I’ve missed ye <3) And I get money!! Monies for me, for the first time in forever!!! Woot woot!
    Thanks for letting me crash by the by, so knight-in-shining-armor of you (can you tell I started watching Merlin?)
    Enjoy Budapest! (ps: another friend of mine is also going there this weekend… huh!)

  2. Martin ⋅

    Gigantor checking in! 😀 Was good to see youuuu on these eveningssssssssssssssssssssssssssss hope you arrive home safely and hope to see you in BRXSLs soon

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