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The day after the day after X-mas

Officially Christmas is over, all the presents are open and the meals are all leftovers.

Sentient snowmen scare me the hell out

There’s nothing on TV and it’s too cold to go outside, so there are 7 people locked in the same space finding ways to entertain themselves. Usually the over 50s read the papers until mid-day just to pass the time. and the ‘kids’ sit in front of the tv with their laptops as it’s one of the few places where there s wifi in the house. I was making coffee and my Pop asked me what we were doing, I told him ‘Jack Frost’ was on and he asked me what it was about. So I explained it was about a guy who dies in a car pile up and his spirit possesses a Snowman to spend Christmas with his son. My dad folded his newspaper down looked at me over the top of it and said “God, what crap!” he took a sip of coffee and said “I’ll be right on to watch it”.

"That sounds so thoroughly terrible I'm certain that I'll enjoy it!!!"

Ahh Christmas the only time of year people purposefully watch shit tv just to spend more time with each other.

Sorry about the brevity and the lack of posts, I’ll try to write something interesting in the next few days.



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