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Tis the season, to be.

The last couple of days have been kinda cold and nasty, rain, melting snow, rainy-snow, hail, and generally miserable weather. I walk everywhere, which most people think is pretty brave, heck I’m reevaluating it myself since Mr. Road-rage hit me. However the point  here is I walk to and from work (25 minutes each way) in rain or shine. I don’t have a car, and I don’t use public transport. My colleagues think I’m an eccentric, although the proof is there, I have reasons to not use public transport.

Reason Number one.

Firstly; rush hour, people in buses, subways, everything else, they are sardine into a small metal coffin with 100 other people to sit in each other’s stench of depression, foot, and unfulfilled potential for 15 minutes. Then I’de have to get out and walk another 10. Calculations 10+15= 25. So it would take me the same amount of time, but I would be paying for the luxury of smelling B.O. and suicide. NO THANKS!

Rush hour totally blows.


Second point, I’m pretty poor, public transport is pretty expensive considering it’s supposed to be a viable alternative to cars. I see why people would drive when I see the expense of subways and buses. Thirdly, I got two feet, two legs, except for the right knee which has gone an amazing purple colour, and I kinda need the fresh air- although the words fresh, and air are debatable in any city.

Anyway yesterday as I was walking to work it was pouring it down, ice and rain and a biting wind. I was struggling against the wind with my comically large umbrella, and stopped at a set of lights. The guy next to me was bundled up, arms crossed pulling his hat down, and trying to keep the rain out. So I lowered my umbrella so that we were both under it. His head swiveled and he glared at me, then he looked around and realized he wasn’t getting quite as wet. He pulled down his scarf and said “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that, I’m okay.”

"It's just a little weather, naw seriously, I'm A-OK!"

I pointed up and he followed my finger, I said “As you can see it’s no trouble because I have the world’s stupidly biggest umbrella”

That's pretty much the same size as mine....

He laughed and we complained about the weather until the light turned green, we walked across and he wished me a great Christmas, and I wished him the same back. I realize it wasn’t anything amazing, but it kinda made my day.

Although the lousy weather, strikes, protesting, broken windows, street fights, shootings, and police crack-downs have kinda diminished the Christmas spirit round here, it’s nice to see there are at least some smiles and good cheer still emanating from humanity.


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