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Yay a weekend that didn’t suck bawls

This weekend I actually did stuff!!! And it’s stuff that I’m not terrifically ashamed about. So Friday night I was mega-tired and only got home from work around 8:30p.m. I kinda slumped around the house, but I did laundry and cleaned so I felt like I achieved something. Saturday I got up at 8 and ran about town like a deranged person, I found a place that sells really good coffee and pastries, so I ordered one of each to go. and subsequently managed to get most of both on my coat, face and hat. I learned not to eat while battling your way against 40mph winds. Perhaps not as amazing as learning a new language, but I still learned my lesson well. I managed to get some gifts for my sister, and do enough window shopping to realise I have no clue what to get anyone. Except myself, I got lots of cr*p I don’t need for me.

Hehe Christmas is ALL about me, b*tches!

Saturday evening I visited my frenemy B, who was having a house party. I met two of B’s friends from high-school, and we got on great, that is without B. B then insisted we go to a club with a huge entrance fee and techno music, so I bailed and went in search of a cab. I ended up walking the hour-long walk home because somehow this Saturday the city was totally absent of cabs, I searched everywhere, I called, I hailed, I ran in front of them, they all jetted off. Weird right? SO I walked home through the crappy neighbourhoods, and amazingly nothing bad happened for once. despite the fact the streets were very reminiscent of a sudden zombie apocalypse. I barely freaked out at all.

Cannot tell if yoga class, or mutant monster -__-

So the next day I was very surprised at being so slightly hungover that I went to Brahms & Breakfast. Brahms & Breakfast was the tail end of a weeklong Brahms festival here, and I went with the two people I met from my alumni group (last week or the week before). The concert was awesome, free, and served with food and drinks. Oh yeah baby! We also managed to sit right in front of the quartet so we were basically playing a game of ‘dodge the cellists bow’. Best moment had to be during the end of the last movement they played, one of the little kids who had been so good the whole concert wriggled away from his mom, sprinted at the cello, fell into the middle of the cables hooked up to the mics and knocked the cello over. I have never seen anyone’s mother (except my own) go quite that red in the face, she looked like she had burst every blood vessel in her head. I fought very hard not to laugh. Aside from that the concert was excellent, the music was well-chosen and the proximity to the orchestra meant every base note went through my feet straight to my spine. Felt awesome, sounded awesome, pretty decent way to spend a hungover morning. I cannot really explain how much I adore the concept of having breakfast in a cafe with a string quartet playing in front of you. It’s surreal and yet feels like it should happen more often. Or perhaps as a spoiled brat I just think that a string quartet should follow me around providing me with a permanent soundtrack. Yup, that’s the one! We then spent the afternoon watching a Shurik movie, and that was pretty much everything I did.

I should explain, Shurik is an old school comedy from Russia. Most of the comedy is visual and therefore requires little linguistic talent, which makes it good bubblegum for the brain on a soggy, windy afternoon. We watched a series of shorts, but I’m told the best one to watch is “KIDNAPPING: Caucaussu Style!”

Which reminds me of a brief story to tell you:  my friend Deedee (a.k.a. Sosk) came back from a Serbian wedding recently. The wedding was a typical affair, lots of drinking, dancing and pickled foods, and it ended as only feuding Serbs can end a wedding. The bride and groom who had been married for all of 25 minutes, were forbidden, by their parents, from ever seeing each other again. Yes that’s how they roll. Puts Kim and Kris’ wedding in a new light….

It's kind of like the Russian version of Mr Bean

Anyway it makes me think that any rom-com written by Russians and set in Serbia, Bosnia or Croatia (et al) will undoubtedly have a scene like that, if it doesn’t I’m not sure I could ever watch another Shurik film!

So all in all, for once my weekend did not end with me having an existential crisis or writing a long winded essay on the judiciary reforms necessary to increase crime prevention and decrease street brutality. How awesome is that?

Meh, coulda' been worse.


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