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Pity party, there will be pie

I just got a call from Sosk, a friend of mine here in the city that never suns. It was a request for my pumpkin pie recipe for a Thanksgiving potluck she and my brother are attending. I’m not invited. So this will be the third recipe in one day, which is creepy and new. Anyway, I can’t be bothered to do the piecrust from scratch tonight, but you can get those ready-made everywhere, the pie filling from scratch is a lot more tricky, but totally worth it.

I love Thanksgiving only for the pie, pecan, pumpkin, apple, whatever, love 'em

Pumpkin Pie Filling

3 cups of sieved pumpking innards (usually one small pumpkin will do, but if you have a big one just chop bits off)

1 cup sugar/artificial sweetener

1 1/2tsp ground cinnamon

1tsp ground cloves

1/2tsp ginger

1/2tsp vanilla essence

pinch of salt

4 medium eggs

1 large tin of evaporated milk/ double cream/milk

So the method is pretty simple, take your pumpkin, and gut him like he is your worst enemy, get rid of the seeds and innards then wrap what’s left in tinfoil and bake it at 170C or 340F for an hour. When that’s done rip off the goddamn husk, it’ll be easy, but look totally cool.

Drain any of the excess water from the pumpkin. Put it in a sturdy bowl and blend it until it is nothing more than goop.

Mix everything together, no order necessary this is a free for all for ingredients- just twirl that stuff like crazy.

Pour it into the pie crust in the dish that you pre-prepared. Put it in the oven you preheated to 410F/210C.

Bake it for ten minutes. Then lower the heat to 350F/175C for the next 50 minutes.

Take that bad boy out and let it cool.

I'd like to think I'll be standing in front of my blinds drinking a scotch, but I know I'll be on the couch eating cheese.

Enjoy it with all the friends and people you love for thanksgiving. Don’t invite me, I’m busy at my pity party for one.



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