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Habits, not traits, not likes, but habits.

Because of the long weekend in which I managed to do very little. I have decided to attempt to write two posts a day for the week. Whether this works or not is to be seen.

I was reading a couple of blogs and one by the author, (or rather non-author) guerilla artist ( but profitable and marketable guerilla artist) Keri Smith, caught my attention. She had a list of around about 100 things to do if you are bored. Which considering this week we are being audited at work (which not only hampers productivity, but also means we can’t have any coffee due to some crazy regulation that I will talk about later on), means I am bored, and have little else to do aside from watch the numbers crunch in the brains of the numerically capable. Which I do not belong to as the ability to count to 100 and do simple fractions doesn’t count, sadly.

I'm nearly done with all the 'nothing' from yesterday , so I'll start on the 'nothing' for today as soon as I'm done.

One of the hundred suggestions was to make a list of ten habits. Now, as you may recall my adorablings, I do like me a list. More than lists, I like me, and explosions, beer, and chocolate, and nerding it up. However lists are something I really dig. So best beloveds, I shall begin:

1 ) doodling in the margins of everything.

2 ) picking up the receiver and holding down the bar as I’m dialing the number, despite the cradle being completely capable of doing that job.

3 ) stuttering on the phone, despite never stuttering when face to face.

4 ) cracking all of my fingers, but only the indexes making the noise.

5 ) going to the rest room just to get away from my desk, also to stretch up and to touch my toes

6 ) minimising the screen I’m actually looking at, even when totally okay to be looking at it.

7 ) writing lists, and to-do-lists, instead of doing the things I’m writing about.

8 ) cooking enough for a small army even though I’m the only person eating.

9) waking up 2 hours before work, but still only getting into work 3 minutes before I would be tardy.

10 ) being sarcastic and rude just for the humour it brings. I don’t mean it, I just need a good verbal sparring partner.

I am guilty of this.

I challenge you to tell me ten of your habits in the comments, who is brave enough to go first?


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