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Why do I never look before I leap, oh cause it’s more fun this way, ok then!

Every morning this stuff oogles me as I get my coffee....

One of my bosses, I have many of them, came back from a business trip to China and Japan that lasted about 3 weeks. He brought the office some treats, some typical Japanese biscuit-ey things that everyone but me was familiar with (curse my lack of Japaneasyness!), and a huge bag of local goodies from Beijing.

Now I say goodies, but the office as a whole has been hesitant to touch these, despite the fact they can at least decipher general terms on the packets whereas I’m motivated purely by the packaging’s logo or colour scheme. My first challenger was a small squishy square thing, dark red in colour with the consistency of a jellybaby. After poking the wrapper for a while I decided to bite the bullet and try the damn thing. The cover was a fuchsia colour with an image of a walnut and a cranberry on the front, so I was pretty confident I was getting walnut and cranberry.

What a sucker I was! First off, around the gummy thing was a thin layer of rice paper, which at first I tried to remove, realising that was an impossible endeavour I nibbled a corner. The rice paper was the tastiest bit of the whole damn thing. The glutinous mass in my mouth tasted acrid and bitter and not of cranberries or of walnuts, more like a clove that’s been drenched in orange juice. With my eyes watering, I swallowed the rest of the bite-sized horror. in China...but google it and it's in New York O___o

Basically after that I’ve been avoiding the whole trunk-load of stuff, but so is everyone else, so this morning under the ideology of tidying the area up I took something called a Tuckahoe cake with my coffee.

The packaging on the box says Pie and the packaging on the individual thingies says cake, I tried to go to the producers website to try to figure out what sort of monstrosity I was about to unleash upon my taste buds but it had little information. Eventually I figured it was thick rice paper with a peanut, sesame and chestnut paste inside it, I also figured out that there was something called poris cocos in it, but as I have no clue what that could be I assumed it was some kind of benign fruit. So I ate this thing.

Yeah, not really that appetising, just intriguing really.

To my surprise it was a lot better than my first attempt, it tasted like a nutty jellybaby inside a rice paper wrapper. So now I’m 1 good vs. 1 bad.

Dare I go back for more?


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