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Am I being paranoid, or is stuff really effed up here?

Today, after the many eff ups I managed to undertake yesterday (which I shall only recount in part), I found an ID lodged in the office mailbox.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. As some of you more observant readers may have notices I have a disturbingly vivid, and wild imagination. So far today I have come up with several versions of what has happened.

Before I start that I will first list what exactly it is I found; inside a grey battered metro pass holder I found a metro pass that is only a couple of months old, a copy shop printing card, a university ID valid for this year, a state ID card (which are a mission to get as it took me a year to get my ID from the damn government) and probably the thing which has prompted the most speculation in me, a business card of the university student psychiatrist.

Now sure, it’s possible that it’s a prank, some drunk friends of hers were walking back from a drinking session in one of the many bars just 5 minutes away from here (the financial and business district has very few residential buildings, also the university she goes to has no campuses this side of town),  and one of her buddies dropped it in the mailbox as a joke. There are two good reason I don’t like this theory. Firstly no scratch marks on the post box, well at least no new ones. I forgot my mailbox keys yesterday and scuffed the box trying to open it with a pen, which shifted the lock a little but mostly just smeared it with my prints, so I used my colleagues keys to open it, de-scuffed it and tidied it up, meaning I wiped off my sticky prints. Basically I find it stupid to think that this girl or one of her friends didn’t even try  to open the box. Secondly, the pass was on top of the newspapers, which arrive at around 8 a.m. so the stuff was dropped in there sometime after 8 this morning.

Maybe I’m watching too many cop shows, (I think my last post conclusively proves that) but to my mind, it indicates that someone who had no stake in getting those back threw them in there, this morning. Means I’m ruling out ‘drunken prank’.

I sent an email to the girl’s shrink, telling her I was taking the ID to the cops and she could pick it up there tonight. I checked to see if the girl has a Facebook account, which she doesn’t- seriously without Facebook I’d probably need to see a shrink…. Anyhoo, tonight I’m taking it to the cops. I’m not sure if they’ll contact her or whether it’s a lost and found type case. I don’t think I’ll regale them with my theories. Which are as follows:

1) Mugged/pickpocketed this morning on the metro, there is a big thoroughfare at the end of the block, and it has a metro station under it, mugger grabs random crap as well as cash and ditches the stuff in the nearest place he can find. BUT there are plenty of trash cans on the street, so why not one of those?

2) Angry friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever, stole that stuff and dumped it as a harsh lesson. This girl pissed someone off and they wanted to mess with her. BUT, if I was gonna mess with someone I wouldn’t let a good Samaritan find that junk, I’d throw it in the river, or hell demagnitised all the chips so they’d have to pay to get new ones (I’m a pretty nasty person, I just keep it on lockdown most of the time).

3) and sadly the last one, which I won’t say in detail. Basically someone needed to get rid of some evidence, my prints are all over this thing now. Someone needed to get rid of this in the last place it should logically be, opposite side of town from where she would be, but close enough to some bars.

As I said, overactive imagination. Maybe she has a part-time mail route and accidentally mailed us her ID.


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