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Tuesday is as good a day as any to begin….

I recently decided to revive my ailing blog. My poor blog began as a sort of dare, I decided to be political. It failed, because despite having plenty of fodder I had far too little motivation. Not to mention the usual post-academic-partum depression. Something about being suddenly tossed out of the warm, soft duvet of academia after five glorious years struck me to my core, added to the deep blue funk of finding a job in the current economic slump.

My current plan, which I hope to hold to, is to simply write, consistently, about things I like, things I hate, things that interest me, and things that confuse me. I’m not really searching for clarity, and if one thing is abundantly clear to me it is that my train of thought is rarely linear.

If you want to join me on this rambling, meandering, mostly pointless journey, I’m more than happy for you to join me.

I’m starting this newly re-opened blog with a list of things I like. Five things I like about autumn:

1) I like hunting for crunchy leaves among their soggy fallen comrades.

2) I like the smell, and waft of warm bakery air when the day is cold and crisp.

3) I like to fight the wind to hold onto my umbrella.

4) I like the days of fog and mist, when the air is full of mystery.

5) I like the colours of the turning leaves.



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